BBC Music – For The Fans

BBC MusicTell this new music app from the BBC about your favourite artists, genres and musical tastes, and it will automatically curate playlists and live performances for your perusal. Great for checking out new and established artists alike (free on Apple and Google Play).


Need banter? You need Nattr!

Nattr This app is perfect for those who long to respond to text messages and tweets with witty banter, but come up short. Simply insert the message you’ve received into the app, and other users will be able to see it and try and come up with something which you can then use (free on Google Play and Apple).


Little latch is a little summer saver!

Sometimes the best inventions are those which come as a complete surprise and solve small issues we didn’t really realise we had. So often these days new technology is trailed into submission, so that by the time a new phone/watch/tablet comes out, it’s been previewed to the hilt and there are few surprises.
However, sometimes a company can come up with a tiny innovation which just makes life a bit easier in a way we didn’t think of before. And it’s in these little tweaks that some of the neatest solutions come about.
Sunglasses manufacturers Oakley are perhaps the company who have most inspired this feeling in the Quite Great offices this month. Their innovation – a new latch which holds the arms of the sunglasses in place when closed – makes perfect sense. How many pairs of sunglasses are lost each year because they slip from t-shirt collars or pockets where they are left to hang when not needed? We’re guessing many, and this tiny little latch will all but solve this tiny little problem.
It may sound insignificant, but without small steps forward, the big ones never happen.


One of many apps which monitors the number of steps you take throughout the day, Movesum’s selling point is that it calculates the number of calories burned through walking as well. It also offers the chance to set and beat daily goals (free on Android and Apple devices).